Thursday 16 August 2012

Tracklist for 15th August 2012 show

Celtic Frost "Innocence And Wrath"
Album: To Mega Therion (1985)
Label: Noise Records

Spoken section: Lynch mob chant / Herlofs Marte interrogation by Rev. Absalon Pederss√łn
from "Day Of Wrath". Dir: Carl Theodor Dreyer (1943)

Background music: Phillip Glass "Koyaanisqatsi" slowed to 1/15th

Mercyful Fate "Desecration Of Souls"
Album: Don't Break The Oath (1984)
Label: Roadrunner Records

Northless "Dead Ends"
Album: Clandestine Abuse (2011)
Label: Gilead Media

Cara Neir "Scientific Rebirth" and "Fearless Transfixion Of The Devil"
Album: Sublimation Therapy (2012)
Label: Self-released -

Israthoum "Burning The Sephiroth"
Album: Black Poison And Shared Wounds (2012)
Label: Daemon Worship Productions

Bestia Arcana "Shepherd Of Perdition"
Album: To Anabainon Ek Tes Abyssu (2011)
Label: Daemon Worship Productions

Deiphago "Plague And Satan Triumphant"
Album: Satan Alpha Omega (2012)
Label: Hell's Headbangers Records

Necrovation "Dark Lead Dead"
Album: Necrovation (2012)
Label: Agonia Records

Bouq "Jormungander"
Album: Berserk (2010)
Label: Horned Helmet

Mordab "Cursed Palace"
Album: Room No.X (2012)
Label: Zurvan Records

Arsames "Monotheism"
Album: Immortal Identity (2010)
Label: Self-released

Qafas "Abysmal Pestilence"
Album: Larghetto Laments (2012)
Label: Self-released

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