Monday 15 April 2013

Tracklist for 14th April 2013 show

Celtic Frost "Innocence And Wrath"
Album: To Mega Therion (1985)
Label: Noise

Clip from "The Mask Of Satan" aka "Black Sunday" (Dir: Mario Bava 1960)
Background music: Drones Of Hell vs "Koyaanisqatsi" by Philip Glass vs "Eyemaster" by Entombed

Mixcloud image: Witches by Hans Baldung Grien (Woodcut, 1508)

Ars Macabra "Thanatos Projection"
Album: III (2013)
Label: Odium Records

Iron Witch "Booze Blues"
Album: Single Malt EP (2011)
Label: Witch Hunter Records
Download from

Scythe "The Iron Witch"
Album: Beware The Scythe (2012)
Label: Primitive Reaction

When Woods Make Graves "It Sleeps With The Witch Who Bore Seed To This Forest"
Album: Consuming Darkness (2013)
Label: Self-released
Download from

Unleashed "The Witch"
Album: Midvinterblot (2006)
Label: SPV

Church Bizarre "Into The Dark (Where Witches Burned)"
Album: Sinister Glorification (2006)
Label: Hell's Headbangers Records

Galaktik Cancer Squad "Omnivore"
Album: Celestia (2012)
Label: Self-released
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Leviathan "Blood Red And True Part 3 (Plummeting Obscure)"
Album: Tentacles Of Whorror (2004)
Label: Moribund Records

Flagellant "Thirteen Cauldrons Boil"
Album: Maledictum (2013)
Label: World Terror Committee

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