Thursday 19 January 2012

Tracklist for 18th Jan 2012 show

Celtic Frost “Innocence And Wrath”
Album: To Mega Therion (1985)
Label: Noise

Coffinworm "The Sadistic Rites Of Count Tabernacula"
Album: When All Became None (2010)
Label: Profound Lore Records

Mayhem "From The Dark Past"
Album: De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas (1994)
Label: Deathlike Silence Productions

Miasmal "Blissful Cannonades"
Album: Miasmal (2011)
Label: Dark Descent Records

Rwake "It Was Beautiful But Now It's Sour"
Album: Rest (2011)
Label: Relapse Records

Oblivionized "Born Into Decadence"
Album: Abhorrent Evolution EP (2011)
Label: Malignant Manifestation Productions

Cryostorm "Destroyer Of Ardor"
Album: Destroyer Of Ardor EP (2012)
Label: UKEM Records

Vengeful "Visions"
Album: Vengeful (2011)
Label: Disconcert Music

Slayer "At Dawn They Sleep"
Album: Hell Awaits (1985)
Label: Metal Blade/Music For Nations

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