Friday 9 March 2012

Tracklist from 7th March 2012 show

Celtic Frost “Innocence And Wrath”
Album: To Mega Therion (1985)
Label: Noise

Enslaved "Tides Of Chaos"
Album: Ruun (2006)
Label: Tabu Recordings

Triptykon "A Thousand Lies"
Album: Eparistera Daimones (2010)
Label: Prowling Death Records

Drudkh "Breath Of Cold Black Soil"
Album: Eternal Turn Of The Wheel (2012)
Label: Season Of Mist

Oblivionized "A Modern Prometheus"
Album: Abhorrent Evolution EP (2011)
Label: Malignant Manifestation Productions

Human Cull "Rubbernecker"
Album: Human Cull EP (2011)
Label: Torn Flesh Records
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Suffocation "Pray For Forgiveness"
Album: Blood Oath (2009)
Label: Nuclear Blast

Demoncy "Opening The Lunar Bloodgate"
Album: Enthroned Is The Night (2012)
Label: Forever Plagued Records

Hirax "Demons Evil Forces"
Album: Raging Violence (1985)
Label: Metal Blade/Roadrunner

Inferius Torment "Diabolical Perversity"
Album: Ceremony Of Godslaying (2012)
Label: World Terror Committee

Nightbringer "Dreaming Above The Sepulcher"
Album: Hierophany Of The Open Grave (2011)
Label: Season Of Mist

Sadus "Torture"
Album: Illusions (1988)
Label: Sadus Roecords

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